Silent merger of Cavere BV, Infodea BV, Netflow BV and Netropolix NV on 30/04/2024

Welcome to our new website. All practical information about the merger between Cavere, Infodea, Netflow and Netropolix can be found on this page.

On 30/04/2024, a silent merger is happening with the companies Cavere BV, Infodea BV, Netflow BV and Netropolix NV. All active customers and suppliers will receive a confirmation mail or letter about this.

Our sister company COVR BV, specialized in IT support of medical and scientific congresses, will not be part of the merger. However, it will remain part of the same parent organization. If you also purchase services from COVR, nothing at all will change in that area as COVR’s data will remain completely unchanged.

VAT numbers and new name

From 1/05/2024, the VAT and company numbers of Cavere BV, Infodea BV and Netropolix NV will cease to exist. Together with Netflow BV, they will continue with the VAT and company number of Netflow BV, i.e. BE 0862.443.331. The bank account that will definitely continue to exist will be BNP Paribas Fortis BE85 0014 1612 3006. The merger will be published in the Belgian Official Gazette as required.

Among other things, this means concretely that from next May 1:

  • All current contracts, further invoicing and outstanding amounts will go through BE 0862.443.331and BNP Paribas Fortis BE85 0014 1612 3006.
  • The VAT number of Cavere (BE 0500.781.603) will disappear permanently.
  • The VAT number of Infodea (BE055.679) disappears permanently.
  • The VAT number of Netropolix (BE 0466.030.461) disappears permanently.
  • Our telephone numbers will be changed to one new number: 078 48 88 88. The current telephone numbers will remain until 31/12/2024.

In addition, Cavere BV, Infodea BV, Netflow BV and Netropolix NV will disappear as individual names as of 01/05/2024 and make way for one fresh name: NTX.

For customers

As part of the merger, on 30/04/2024, we are already invoicing material ready for you from Cavere BV, Infodea BV, Netflow Software BV or Netropolix NV, respectively. Services will be invoiced upon completion of the order/project.

Registered office

As of 01/05/2024, the Geel office will be the company’s registered office, purely for practical reasons. Unlike the four names, the four locations will remain.

  • Mechelsesteenweg 25, 2650 Edegem
  • Kleinhoefstraat 11/1, 2440 Geel (registered office)
  • Burchtstraat 190, 9150 Kruibeke
  • Brekelen 4/14, 2990 Wuustwezel


As of 01/05/2024, the following information goes into effect:

  • “NTX BV”
  • Kleinhoefstraat 11/1, 2440 Geel
  • VAT BE 0862.443.331
  • BNP Paribas Fortis BE85 0014 1612 3006


Finally, we would like to thank you for trusting our organization. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Why a new website?

For technical reasons, we chose to replace our old websites with one new, centralized website. This means that all relevant company information and services can now be found in one location:

All these ‘old’ websites will also refer you to from now on:

What about the old phone numbers?

We understand that changes like this can raise questions. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that despite the merger and the new website, we can still be reached through our old phone numbers and that until 31/12/2024:

  • Cavere: 03 369 95 02
  • Netflow: 03 460 35 35
  • Netropolix: 014 21 22 23

New central phone number

From now on you can reach us on 1 central number for all branches. That number is 078 48 88 88.


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